Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The first step...

I'm feeling very good right now because I have taken the first step in attempting to materialize some dreams... Art Seeds is where I'm going to display my artwork and ideas in their many stages, forms and functions. In my previous blog I shared all aspects of my life in one place. I've decided that it's time to compartmentalize a bit and give the art part of my life its own special place. And here it is!

Why Art Seeds you might ask? Well, I think that deep inside all of us there is an ability to create. Create art, express self, communicate visually and do general 'good' while making art. Those abilities are like little seeds that just need a place to grow and be cultivated. I would like to offer this space as a place where this can happen. Be you an 'Art Sapling' or a 'Mighty Art Oak' I hope you will enjoy this blog!
Best Wishes, Holly