Friday, September 14, 2007

Tim Holtz Workshops

This summer I had the opportunity to take a couple workshops with artist Tim Holtz. What a guy... You would think because he has his face on like, ALL of Ranger's products that he would be unapproachable but it could not be more the opposite. He's very nice, easy to understand and very patient. Being an Art teacher, it was nice to take a break from instructing and see how someone else does it.
He is VERY organized. I guess you have to be when you are traveling and teaching (I think he said) 200 days out of the year. He also has Mario, who works with him as an assistant but is way more than that. Mario is also very familiar with the projects (he actually preps a lot of the items for distribution for Tim) so he pitches in when Tim is getting a lot of questions.
I also thought that his projects were easy to follow and successful for everyone in the class regardless of skills. It was fantastic to also have EVERYTHING provided for you and ready to roll.If you ever get the chance to take a class with him, I would highly recommend it. I know I will be looking forward to more. :)

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Miss Pat said...

Hey Holly!!
I need the directions to the box you made. I just love all the things you made with Tim Holtz! I like to go to another one of his! You did a great job! Pat