Thursday, August 23, 2007


Everyone's makin' them... Why not me too! I tried my hand at soldering charms in a class at Absolutley Everything in Topsfield, MA a couple of week ago.

I decided that it was time for me to take some classes instead of always trying to teach myself. Love, LOVE Sally Jean's book but it really doesn't give all the details of soldering. I don't know, maybe it does and I'm just distracted by the pictures... Still, a wonderful book.

The class paid off... I learned some techniques that I wouldn't have otherwise known about so that was valuable to me.

If I can find time, I suspect that soldering will become something like wheel thrown pottery was to me a couple of years ago... I just won't stop until I feel that 'my hands have gotten smart'. Practice makes perfect!


Sheri said...

these are awsome... I would love to learn how to solder one day... but not with my little guy in the house... :)

Holly said...

Thanks Sheri! Soldering for me is also an after-bedtime event in my house! Too bad that so much really cool art is so dangerous to make and not safe to do when the little ones are around. :)