Friday, August 10, 2007

Fabric Tags

The fabric tags from Dawn arrived the other day and they are fantastic! I don't know what I'm going to do without some swap stuff coming in. I absolutely LOVE doing swaps. The creative process, the packaging, the getting GOODIES back. It's all the things I love... Speaking of things that I love, I love the tags that I received.

Although they were all wonderful, I've included a couple pics of ONE of my MANY favorites;). Martha made this one and the reason why I like it so much is it represents where I would like to get to with my fabric art. The base fabric was a great choice, she used that technique where the stitching from the sewing machine can move freely (I KNOW there's a name for the technique and a special foot for the sewing machine but I can't remember the name for the life of me right now) and she incorporated some images that were printed(?) on to a transparency. Love it! Nice job Martha!

This is my fabric tag. I'm not a complete sewing novice but I'm trying to adopt more mixed-media techniques into fabric work. I don't usually work like this but it was an eye opening experience and just the right amount of challenge. I'm a little limited by not knowing too much about all the different products available to people that make art this way. It was great fun and I plan to try to do more in the future. A SPECIAL NOTE for anyone that got one of my tags... Did you happen to notice the button? Don't buttons unbutton? Look closely at my tag and see if there isn't a little something extra there. :) I don't know... Maybe the 'Secret' in my 'Secret Garden' tag was a little too obvious...or people will never figure it out! If you do let me know!

Best Wishes,


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Cruising down the road here and I found my way to your blog...these fabric tags are wonderful!

martha said...

Hi Holly -- I just read your post (I've been on holiday!) I actually just used a regular straight sewing stitch to do this on a regular machine with a regular foot! ( I didn't drop the feed dogs or use anything special) I just went up and down and back and forth! (please meail if you want pointers!) I'm so glad that you like it!!!! And I DID get one of yours, but I didn't find the secret (until I read about it). But I did notice that it was all "crinkly" and wondered what was inside, and why the heck no one signed it, LOL. I LOVE it! Thanks! (going outside now to plant some mystery seeds.....)

Jennifer Conway said...

Oh! - These tags are fabulous!