Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bustin' Out the Books!

Well, the wait is over and I can now reveal my work as well as the work I received from Christine's Booklace Swap... This beauty was created by Linda S. It's made from some kind of copper wire mesh and paper. It's lovely and I feel special because I got a book with FOUR inside pages! (I only did 3...)

The inside pages talk about women and secrets...So true! It's very thought provoking and well put together. I was looking closely at it and realized that as you go through the pages, the 'women' with secrets progress from young to older. It's little touches like that that make it so successful. I will wear it proudly! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Linda.

This is a cover detail of my booklace which for lack of a better name I guess I would call 'Love'.
The Front and Back covers are made from PMC which I stamped and textured.

Here are some pics of the whole piece including the seed beaded chain and of course a back cover detail.

This is two of the inside pages. For all of them I created a digital collage and printed to photo paper. Next I adhered the images to pieces of plastic packaging (ya know the kinda flexible but very strong stuff that kids' toys come in. It actually worked great!) that I had colored with alcohol ink.
Using the plastic made hole punching a snap and I know that the pages will not tear out due to use.

Well that's it! They were so much fun to make and swap. Nell, who got mine, was very appreciative and thankful. It was nice to know that one of my works has gone to a good home.

Thanks and Best Wishes,
Holly :)

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